Friday, October 26, 2012

lone fighter

Hello everybody, do you want to have this world packed with full of junk books or try to stop the world from slippering into total pop culture? I am still fighting trying to make a bit exciting world where we can meet soulful people. I am still promoting people to read good books which have no market value but literary value. I am still telling people that getting into a bookstore is a hundred times more dangerous than a blind man getting into a jewelry shop to look for a diamond. It makes sense that if any blind man getting into a beautiful bookshop to get tons of toilet papers out of it. How can we blame all the big publishing houses since the whole world covered with dark clouds of commercialism? Well, we all know that junks make money. Before I die, I want to meet one person who could say that "I have no time to eat, I must dig this (book/food) out." I feel sorry to the sea of young people; many of them are already poisoned by junk books, pop culture. Selecting a good book is selecting a good friend. I never wrote a book with ink but with my boiling blood. I will be honored if you support my artistic works. Tell to your friends about a lone fighter. Hideo


Unknown said...

Hi Hideo,
I met you many years ago on the street in Tokyo - purchased a small book of poetry from you. I didn't read it at the time as I was there on business and the book was packed away. Just found it and read it and wanted to say thank you for talking with me and for being part of my memories of that trip. You expressed a lot of disappointment with the Japanese culture, how they are lost to commercialism and the almighty dollar. My experience was quite different and I feel quite fond of the people I met while I was there - they were very welcoming and treated me like family. All that aside, I like this poem and will remember you for sharing it with the world...

Be meek wild flower,
Unseen yet always smiling
Always be yourself

I wish you happy days, creative nights, peace and contentment.

Myria83 said...

Dear Mr. Asano, I read your Italian haiku with great pleasure. My favorite ones are (I'll quote just the first word) "Vento freddo...", "Gli uccelli...", "Sii mite...", "Il Budda" and "Sii gentile...".
I was lucky to meet you in Seoul (Insadong). I wish you all the best!

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