Monday, June 25, 2012

classic books

Classic books are like good old wine Junk books are like coca cola Good bvooks make you feel honoured Bad books make you feel stupid Good books you need a shovel to dig Junk books make you feel you are a great reader Junk books make publishers richer Too many books spoil broth copyright (c) hideo asano 2012


pavle radonic said...

You don't mean a shovel for the beach sand while people are stretched out under the umbrella reading i know Hideo! A really good opposition in these particular lines.

Stephan said...

Hey nut job,

you are not an intellectual and your insights are not deep or revealing - they have been written hundreds of times ago by wanna-be writers all over the world.

If you had any talent, you wouldn't be living on the street, but making money.

You are an old bitter man who pretends to be an artist, but any intelligent person can tell what you have to say is not worthwhile.

Good luck bothering tourists.

hideo asano said...

respond to stephan:
My friend, Hemingway would say that "I can't please everybody since we are living in a fools' paradise."

Blogger said...

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Unknown said...

You are a lonely and bitter man who's past time is insulting and abusing a person who's passion is writing and talking to strangers about nice things.

Hideo tries to make the world a better place, you do not.